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I am here, working alongside my industrial knitting machine, handcrafting bespoke and custom-made knitwear 
my machine is manually powered, engineered from real raw materials in the 1920’s Switzerland – she means business and she is built to last
I am happiest when I’m allowed the time and space for my creativity creature to play 
Using my hands to create something from scratch brings me nothing but joy 
Seeing the things I make bring comfort, support and happiness to others literally lights up my heart and soul   
Studio Knoga was born from the desperate need and desire to protect my health and wellbeing from stress and inflammation 
As a super sensitive, emotional and intuitive
♋️ Sun & Mercury, Sagittarius ♐️ Moon and Leo ♌️ rising 
I wanted to build something that stood for protection and restoration 
Studio Knoga is the fusion of knit and yoga;
what this means to me is transforming ethical, sustainable and natural fibres, knitting and constructing supportive and wearable pieces that bring you the ultimate comfort and simplicity that is as kind to your skin as the planet
When you choose to invest in a Studio Knoga piece, you open up a collaborative project between the two of us where we discuss colour, design, shape and more to create a piece that is completely unique and tailored to your needs
colour influences our mood
texture stimulates our senses
pressure points release tension

I believe the future is made to order
this massively contributes to reducing fast fashion and mass production that finishes up polluting our Earth, connection and collaboration means you are always more likely care for and cherish your piece for a longtime
I believe in offering an advice and repair service to expand the life of all pieces –
let’s return to loving, respecting and showing gratitude for higher quality, meaningful design and creativity
Having very sensitive skin myself, it was important to me to design garments with minimal irritation and ease of slipping in and out 
Seamless construction in tubular formations means an extremely soft touch when wearing Knoga knitwear
My fibres are always as natural as possible with as small amounts of elastic as I can get away with for each design objective and purpose, ranging from viscose (wood pulp) and merino wool.
Where I source and what quality I’m working with is of utmost importance to me and something I am always unwilling to compromise









My chosen Italian factories are all:
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is globally recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of textiles made from natural fibers from organically grown textile products & chemical products
Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is a standard that ensures that sheep are raised in compliance with their Five Freedoms (Good Lifestyle, Good Environment, Good Health, Good Nutrition, Good Management)
Higg Index Performance measurement, both company and product, in terms of sustainability. Holistic overview that allows to protect the well-being of workers, local communities and the environment

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