moonies meditation cushions


support your spine during your meditation practice to protect your natural alignment + avoid discomfort

moonies are hand filled with organic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic beligian buckwheat + is designed to raise your hips and upper body so that your legs can rest comfortably

they are also great for travelling with + rested on the radiator can hug into crevices or wrapped around your belly to relieve cramps

  • a variety of colour ways are available
  • merino wool, viscose + silk fabric options available
  • delicately crafted secret stitch hand sewn shut for smooth edge
  • extra washable covers are available to purchase, however using a damp cloth + small amount of detergent works well to remove any potential marks
  • italian yarns
  • handmade in uk
  • size: ___cm weight: ___kg


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