All orders are custom made for individuals. Please allow 2-3 weeks, dependant on piece and your location, from order to door. All custom orders go through the website’s checkout or emailing hello@studioknoga.co.uk directly, you will then be contacted to begin the collaborative design discussion tailored specifically to your needs. If there is a particular yarn or colour you desire, please be aware further time to order in stock will need to be accounted for. Free postage for UK mainland, international orders vary dependant on piece.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of your piece, Studio Knoga will continue to work with you until you are 100% in love.
If you tear or damage your garment or accessory, we offer a “repair your pre-loved” service that allows you to send your item back and have it mended by a loving pair of hands restoring to its former glory. These pieces are handcrafted with love and destined to stay in your life for many, many years.
Studio Knoga expresses the importance of handcrafted sustainable pieces in an industrialised world. We stand for holding onto the ticking clock hands and pausing the ever speeding pace we are running into mass-production and fast fashion spilling out from our seams. Every piece is unique and individual – just like you, no two pieces are the same!
All knitwear is hand-knitted on an industrial knitting machine made in the 1920’s from metal – no plastics – hand powered so each stitch, row and piece is produced with loving energy.
Caring for your knitwear should be followed in the same fashion, hand wash or gentle cycle only for all garments, non-biological detergent is always textile preferred, low temperatures as they are very heat sensitive. Accessories are not washable, unless you have an extra slip added with your order, the same instructions above apply. However, they can be sprayed with natural antimicrobial products such as lavender, witch hazel, melaleuca for disinfecting. Eye pillows can be popped in the freezer to kill off any nasties. Any marks can be patched with eco-friendly cleaning products – get in touch if you would like specific product recommendations for clean caring.
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